Quelques nouvelles du cousin Percy...

by - octobre 07, 2009

Il n'y a pas que l'oncle Walt, il y a aussi le cousin Percy qui vient de temps à autre me rendre visite dans ma cabane !!

Poème sur la brièveté de notre passage terrestre. In English of course !

Fair daffodils
We weep to see your haste away so soon…
As yet the early rising sun has not attained his noon

We have as short a spring as you ,we have as short a spring
As quick a growth to meet decay, like you
Like you or anything …..

We die ,We die as your hours do
and dry away like the summer rain
Or as the pearls of morning dew
Ne’er to be found again

STAY !STAY! Until the hasting day has run
And having prayed together
We will go with you along


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